Reflect. Release. Recenter.

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The plot twist of 2020 won't soon be forgotten

despite Netflix binges, holiday baking, or champagne Zoom toasts.


You have been changed. 


We all have. 

There is wisdom to be gleaned from our challenges. 


Experiences to be assessed and acknowledged.


Steps to be celebrated.  


Together we can alchemize the learnings of 2020 


and step into 2021 renewed and reconnected.

Despite the uncertainty, fear, and chaos of the world, you still have dreams for yourself and your life. Even though the world looks different, there are  opportunities for more creativity, joy, and connection. 2021 offers ways for you to contribute your gifts in a way that matters. 


The yearly reflection ritual gives you a path to thoughtfully close 2020.  When you get complete with your year, you call your energy back. You recenter.  Otherwise, you can feel empty, scattered, stuck, and carry that into 2021.  


The end of the year is a time of transition and it’s meant to be honored in an intentional way. This is a sacred time to release the past, become present to what is, and begin to dream about what’s next. 


After we release 2020, you can tune into what is aligned with the next season of your life.

What's included in the 2020 Reflection Ritual?

“I need and crave the process of reflection around the new year. Winter is the perfect time for me to spend a few days cocooning with my soul and tuning into it what’s next. When I went through Regena’s reflection ritual process I was like- Woman, I cannot believe everything I received! I was expecting brilliance and value, because that’s how Regena rolls, but didn’t realize how detailed the guidance would be. It was this beautiful virtual workshop where I was led step by step, taken deeper into what I needed to release, celebrate, and focus on next. By the end, I’d cleared away the cobwebs of confusion that can sometimes clutter the True North of inner knowing. I love that this ritual goes deep- this is about getting into the bones of our Truth and Regena has put so much love, care, and wisdom into walking us through the right questions and steps necessary to come back home to ourselves.” 

Christina Dunbar (artist, storyteller, speaker) 

In her Yearly Reflection Ritual,  Mentor Coach and ritualist Regena Garrepy takes you through a 4-part process to...



We all have things left undone. From the pile of paperwork on your back table to the appointment you haven’t made, these incompletions are energy leaks creating mental and physical clutter. In section one, you’ll reclaim mental space and ease by pinpointing which projects and loose ends need to be wrapped up before the year is over.


At the end of the year, we often focus on what didn’t go well and what we didn’t do. This leaves us chained to disappointment and feeling unfulfilled. In this segment, we’ll honor the highlights of the year. Plus, we’ll find the learning and gifts of your challenges. By the end of this process, you will have a big picture overview of what this year was really about. Then, you’ll create a personal ritual to release what isn’t yours to carry so that you enter the New Year free of the weight of emotional attachments from the past. You’ll feel lighter, more peaceful, and truly excited about the year ahead.


Sometimes new beginnings can feel overwhelming with its choices and possibilities. It’s easy to get distracted or spread too thin. What you want is clarity on where to put your focus that will bring you closer to how you want to feel. In part 3, you’ll prioritize what matters most by identifying your most important roles, values, and desires. I’ll help you formulate some simple wisdom key mantras to guide you when you get off track or face challenges.


We all have sabotaging habits, limiting beliefs, and fears that can keep us stuck in the same place or doing the same things over and over again. This year, support yourself by choosing a power belief to counteract your default patterns. I’ll help you choose an inspiring or courageous theme for the year and we’ll get REAL about what goals and habits will truly make a difference to make this your most joyful and fulfilling year yet.


 Virtual gatherings through Zoom. 

1) December 30th – Year Completion and Releasing Ritual

2) January 7th – 2021 Theme, Wisdom Keys, Vision + Support  

3) April 1st- First Quarter Check-in and Review 

Plus- 4-5 Short FB Live Trainings. 

( Not on FB? We’ll post the replays for you) 

During our 4 week journey, Regena will lead short training videos in our FB group. This way you can comment, share, or ask questions and get feedback from the community. These videos will also be archived in the Ritual member’s area for access. 

( Can’t make it live? Watch the replay!)

I knew leading this valuable experience in 2020 would need to look a little different.

Because 2020 was way different. 

Besides the Reflection Ritual Audio Recordings and Playbook, I've added in special trainings and community calls. These will be to provide extra support for processing the unique challenges of 2020 and stepping into 2021.

Live Zoom Calls 


 December 30th for a Releasing 2020 Ritual

January 7th for 2021 Wisdom and Vision.

April 1st for a First Quarter Check-in

Live Training Videos

I'll hop into our FB group to do some live videos based on your interests and challenges.  Some topics may include: 

  • How to do this when things feel like a dumpster fire
  • 2020 Alchemy
  • Planning during uncertainty
  • Special biz training/reflection for entrepreneurs 



This year when you buy the Reflection Ritual- it's a BOGO! (Buy One, Gift One)  That means you   can gift one the reflection ritual to someone special. 

Listen to the audios at your own pace and time!

Go through all four parts in a day or ease into the process over the course of a month. Grab a cup of cocoa, tea or wine, curl up on the couch, get cozy, and dive in. You’ll receive instant access to all four audios and a special playbook to download and keep to refer back to throughout the year.

Shannon Bouchet

“I have done this ritual for the past 4 years, at least.  It is one of the best ways to center my thoughts for starting the year with the right balance.  Regena does an amazing job with the content always, and it is so digestible in four parts.” 

Kimmie M.

“I have participated in Regena’s reflection ritual for the past several years. It’s the quiet introspection we all crave as we transition from one year to another. This ritual is a sacred time for me to check in with myself and honor the year. It’s a time to be still, find clarity, and set my intentions for the year to come.”

Extra Support: Add a Clarity Session! 

Choosing a theme for the year or an empowering belief to support you when you get off track is much easier with the objective support of a coach. Regena can help you find meaning in 2020 or create your 2021 action plan. You may have ideas but aren’t sure which will be the most impactful.  Creating discernment in your choices, and finding the right words for your theme or power belief can make the year ahead more powerful when things get challenging. Since this level of clarity is important, give yourself the extra support of individual attention and focus. Choose to add on a private 40-minute clarity coaching session with your ritual for a total of $99.

(limited availability) 

Jennifer Zetzman

“I am a huge fan of the Reflection Ritual. With her signature sage advice, Regena helps me to reflect on the year coming to an end, narrowing down what I still need to complete & release then set myself up for an amazing year to come.  Really does help close out the year on a positive vibe!”

Karlene Pierce

“I had been in a bit of a funk, stuck in my disappointments, incompletions, failures, and old stories. Doing the ritual helped me to see that I did accomplish a lot. I was able to find the blessing and wisdom in perceived failures. Now I have my new theme, power belief, and an action plan. I feel like I'm back on track. I feel committed and excited about the possibilities again. And I've already taken two big action steps toward my dream."

Meet your Reflection Ritual Guide

Regena Garrepy 

Regena is known for her intuitive insight, heartfelt storytelling and a touch of sass.  She empowers women to prioritize their dreams, well-being, and self-care transforming self-doubt and perfectionism into self-leadership.  Her business has served women over the past decade in her role as a coach, mentor, transformational facilitator, and trained ritualist. She guides women to be the true leader of their lives without guilt, apology, or sacrifice. 

Regena has led more than 50 transformational events and mentored hundreds of women through her programs, women’s circles,  retreats, and private coaching. Regena is also the Director of Training for Mike Dooley of (Notes from the Universe).  As a recovering perfectionist herself, wife of over 23 years, and mom to a teenager, Regena knows firsthand the joy and challenge of wearing many hats and creating fulfillment over accomplishment. She holds weekly dance parties in her kitchen, loves Halloween, great blue herons, and is known to jump on beds. Download The 5-minute Ritual that Changes Everything.