Soul Sister Alchemy


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A soul sanctuary for luminaries.

Calling all women who desire to live more intentionally and contribute to the peace, love, and well-being of this planet.  I’m calling in a collective of individuals who want to rise together through soul connection, courage, and sisterhood. I'm inviting you into my soul sanctuary for leaders, seekers, healers, and dreamers. 

Does any of this feel familiar?

You feel the fire in your belly, creativity is sparked and there is magic pulsating through your life.  Maybe you get a new client, you are leading a project, or you feel connected to the earth and your inner guidance.  You feel possibility, alignment, inspiration. 

But then… You slip back into old patterns and habits. You disconnect from your whispering intuition. Months of busy fly by and you feel more connected to your overwhelm than to your essence. 

You have both the tingle of excitement and the frustrating ache of a vision. You know you need to focus, put in more time or make a decision.... but life gets in the way. 

Perhaps you know deep down you've held on to people, roles, and jobs that don’t align with your soul. Because it’s easier. Because it makes money. Because you’re good at it. Because you don’t know what else to do.

You have friends you can call, but sometimes you still feel really alone. 

You hear a podcast or read a book and feel a spark, but don’t take the time to apply it and the inspiration dies out. 

Somedays you feel stuck. Stagnant. You need space to clear your head. To listen to your heart so you can decide what action to take. 

But where do you start? What questions do you need to ask?

You sit down to journal about what’s on your mind but instead binge several episodes on Netflix, scroll Instagram, or organize your gel pens.  

You tell yourself you will figure it all out later but you don’t sit down to do it. 


Imagine instead, if you could…

  • Regularly check-in with your intuition instead of ignoring it to push through. 
  • Cultivate the strength and discernment to align your life with your values. 
  • Say yes to the flow of life while having patience for the unfolding 
  • Rely on a group of women to turn to when you are feeling doubt, fear, or excitement. Women who get you, believe in you, and celebrate you.
  • Create support and structure  in building healthier habits, relationships, and reflective practices 
  • Balance effort and ease to cultivate your natural flow 
  • Have both the courage to leap and the wisdom to let go 
  • Live in harmony with the cycles of nature, your body, and your life

Living with self-love, embodying your essence, and dismantling the fear-based stories of your mind takes courage.


It takes a willingness to do the inner work.



I'm Ready

Show me the details

Welcome To Soul Sister Alchemy

This is a sacred circle and sanctuary creating a supportive space for self-exploration and authentic expression. This is a community of leaders, seekers, messengers, and healers who come together with the shared intention of doing consistent soul work to alchemize what shows up in your life in order to find meaning and to grow. This helps you create the structure you need to reignite your spark, your inspiration, your creativity. 

This is part sanctuary, part soul hydration, part sisterhood.


This is Alchemy for your life … 


A place where… You’ll have the power to transform your dreams, desires, relationships – even your struggles and wounds – into gold. Even the heaviest lead of life can be alchemized. 

Together we'll practice:

  • Using reflection and inquiry for clarity to make better decisions 
  • strengthening your leadership skills and intuition for impact 
  • shifting negative self-talk and stories into stronger boundaries and self-love
  • supporting each other and receiving support. 


You've taken the workshops, courses, and classes.

You know what to do. 

What you need is the space and structure for integration. 

You crave clarity and connection. 

You desire the courage to ACT.

This Is Sisterhood With Soul

Navigating the highs and lows of life is easier when you know you have a circle of women who have your back.

Step into circle… 

You’ll commune and grow with women from different walks of life and corners of the globe who crave self-exploration and want to manifest change and peace in their lives.   

We cultivate and uphold a community of women who respect and honor each other. Who realize that, regardless of external factors, we all share the same fears, doubts, and worries. 

Here, you’ll be fully celebrated for all the baby steps your take and reminded of who you are when you feel lost. 

In this sanctuary, you can delve into the thoughts and emotions you don’t talk about in public. You will feel witnessed, heard, and understood. 

You’ll create meaningful connections and long-lasting friendships.  This community will help you shed the lies you tell yourself. 

Michelle Spalding, Business Alchemist + Author

 "I've become more confident in myself as a woman, entrepreneur, and leader. I have learned the value of speaking my truth and do so with integrity. I have made friends with women I've been in circle with that I will forever cherish. I  said yes to things I've wanted to experience for years.   I have learned to trust myself. Regena has an almost magical way of making you feel seen, heard, and valued. The wisdom she has shared comes from her deep heart and is always for the highest good. Even in the group programs, you never feel like you're one of many, you feel like you are part of something much bigger than yourself and connected in a deep way to the others in the circle.”  

You might be wondering,  “How do I fit this into everything else I am already doing?”


I get it. Your lifeblood is precious. And that’s exactly why  I created this space. This is a sacred container dedicated to you. With resources and tools to pick and choose what you need. 

This isn’t a course to keep up with. This is a sanctuary. 

You choose how much you want to engage with the group and its resources. 

You can’t fall behind. 

You can’t do it wrong. 

It’s a place for you to reflect, connect, play, and be your authentic self.

Meet your guide and facilitator...


I’m Regena Garrepy, and I’m a mom, wife, entrepreneur, mentor, and recovering perfectionist.

My life’s work has been supporting women in reclaiming their essence, accepting all parts of themselves, trusting their intuition, and strengthening their courage and confidence. I empower women to prioritize their dreams, well-being, and self-care without guilt, apology, or sacrifice. For over a decade, I’ve been bringing women together and inviting them to explore and love themselves more deeply.

 I transform your self-doubt into self-leadership. 

As a trained ritualist, coach, and facilitator, I remain in awe of the magic created when women come together with shared intention and a desire to connect. In fact, I have a deep mission and desire to help us heal our sister wounds that have kept women from trusting each other and ourselves. 

Soul Sister Alchemy gives you the space to slow down, tap in, and hear yourself.

You’ll have the chance to explore yourself in new ways, embrace and celebrate the magic in your life, and have support to recover when life throws you curveballs. 

You’ll get into right relationship with your soul and discover the courage, focus, and power to catalyze profound transformation in your life. 

I know that my life is so much better when I am regularly doing inner work to find clarity and optimize my mindset. I know that doing this with other women accelerates the growth. I want this for me and for you. 

I would love for you to join me and this incredible circle of women. 

“Regena is like the general contractor of your dreams.  She won’t do it for you, but she can line up all the tools, tricks, resources, and vibes so that you are able to start constructing the life you deserve. This program has made me a better advocate for myself personally and professionally. I’ve negotiated better contracts with clients, I’ve held more crucial conversations with peers and have started to evolve into the type of leader that I aspire to be”

Ingrid Ciano, Owner/Lead Consultant - Healthcare Industry

Monthly self-development + inspiration

A community of badass encouraging women


= Support to optimize your life 

This is what you’ll receive every month

when you join Soul Sister Alchemy

Live Sister Circle

These are monthly gatherings focused on our sister circle. Then we come together to share our successes and our struggles, check-in with each other, receive support, give support, and find inspiration and comfort. This is emotional and spiritual nourishment meant to help you feel seen, heard, and valued. This is where you’ll truly begin to form real bonds and friendships with the other women.

A Soul Guide

In our private alchemy portal, you’ll receive a soul guide for your inner work. Each guide will contain a theme for the month, a leadership skill, and any seasonal or astrological information particular to that month. The guide will contain rituals, reflection questions, exercises, visualizations, archetypes, quotes, and creative activities easily incorporated into your morning or evening routines. 

Soul Circle + Training

This is a live one-hour gathering for self-reflection, sisterhood, and soul connection. We'll use one of the monthly themes to go deeper.  This is an interactive training where Regena shares her teachings and insights. There is also time for questions and discussion.  We’ll journal, get still, and explore. You’ll spend time taking a temporary break from the outside voices to go within and hear yourself so you can plug into your truth.

Quarterly Moon Rituals

The moon reminds us of the cycles in our lives. It’s a powerful tool for us to connect with while we’re doing inner work.

Creating rituals around the full and new moons helps us clear our energy and refocus our minds. Sharing rituals within the community empowers us to amplify intentions and encourage each other.

Quarterly Work on it Workshops

As a sisterhood, we carve out five hours a quarter to plan, organize, complete or create something that will improve, or elevate your energy, vision, life or business. You’ll have the space to get to spend time on something important with the support and energy of the group to be productive or creative. Regena will also be available the whole time for ideas, coaching or guidance.

Quarterly Social Gatherings

We may live all over the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hang out!

Once a quarter, we’ll have a virtual get together to connect and share more of our lives.

Think coffee date, happy hour, or girl’s night out. We’ll hear each other’s stories… learn about each other…laugh and create stronger bonds.

Private Facebook Group

While our member’s portal does allow for comments and questions, our Facebook group is an additional space just for you!

It is a place to share, ask questions, discuss, and connect directly with the other women between the three monthly gatherings.

Regena is actively posting there as well.


What's In The Monthly Soul Guide?

“Everyone deserves to have a support system and a safe space to learn and grow. And this program has taught me so much and provided me with a support system I did not know was possible of having. I learned in our first circle together that yes women could support and love each other. It felt like a place I could call home. I have become more balanced and positive. I see possibilities instead of roadblocks now. I learned tools that help me stop repeating old patterns and step into new empowering patterns. I have become more on purpose and am much better at making decisions. This program has impacted all areas of my life positively."

Julee Hunt Author/speaker/coach

Would you like personalized support to accelerate your growth, build your business, launch your project or thrive through a transition? 

Add on coaching with Regena either once or twice a month. 

  • Private 50 minute  with Regena on Zoom ( or phone if you prefer) 
  • Email and Voxer support all month
  • Optional check-in and accountability forms 

Your sanctuary for your soul work with sisters!

Choose the best option for you. 

Soul Sister Alchemy + 1 Coaching Session


  • Monthly Soul Guide in private membership area.
  • Monthly Soul Circle Call and recordings.
  • Monthly Sister Circle Call and recordings.
  • Quarterly Workshops.
  • Quarterly Sister Socials.
  • Quarterly Moon Rituals.
  • A Private FB group for soul sister alchemists.
  • One private 50 -minute coaching call with Regena on Zoom.
  • Email and Voxer (voice memo) support in between sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Regena is a gifted leader. 

She presents inspiring, thought-provoking materials and she provides a safe, brave "container" where women can experience the joys of true sisterhood. 

It is abundantly obvious that the work Regena does, the contribution she offers to the world, lights her up. Participating fully in what she offers has been life-changing for me."

Nancy Doggett, BSc (CS) Co-op, BEd

Your sanctuary and support is waiting.


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