In the World Mastermind

Get your vision out of your head

and into the world. 

You have something to offer the world. 


Imagine getting 9 weeks of support, accountability, and guidance to bring it to life?

The spark of inspiration has tapped you on the shoulder in the form of a vision, dream, idea, or desire. It's been percolating within you for days, weeks, or even years. You know it's a good idea. You know it has potential.

If, you can get it done. 

Perhaps you have art you dream of making or sharing with others. Maybe the story in your soul is calling you to finally write it. You feel nudged to go in a new direction for your business or develop a new offering or course. It could be time to finally redesign your website, or do some soul searching to determine what's next.  Whatever endeavor you feel called to create or complete, it's time to get it out of your head and get it into the world.

What's your vision?

But then there is

The reality of putting it out there.

It’s one thing to have the desire it’s another thing to follow through. Deep down you wonder if you are really brave enough or disciplined enough to do what it takes.  How can you get it done with so many distractions,  obligations & real-life responsibilities that seem to suck up the hours of the day? 

You may find yourself: 

  • Struggling to create the plan and pull all the pieces together. 
  • Lacking clarity on the bigger picture or the smaller details. 
  • With inconsistent motivation. You start and then you stop. 
  • Regularly procrastinating or pushing back time to work on your vision. 
  • Progressing slowly. You finally carve out some time and you don’t get very far. 
  • Stuck with feelings of doubt, overwhelm, and insecurity. 
  • Wondering if it’s really worth it or if you can really do it. 

How do you create the devotion and courage to take your vision out of your head and put it into the world? 

Here's the truth

We all need support

We are social beings wired for connection and we need accountability, encouragement, and support in both the actual doing of the things and in feeling brave and competent.

Imagine if you carved out real time to devote to your project without putting life on hold or making huge sacrifices of time and energy?


Imagine if you had a group of women uplifting you so you don’t feel like you have to go it alone?

What if in the next two months, you made significant and real progress to make the vision that’s been on your heart a reality?

This is your invitation to join this special small group program. Together we’ll:

  • Work with our inner gremlins, visibility fears, imposter syndrome, procrastination, and perfectionist tendencies so we can make a plan of action that you can actually follow. 
  • Attend weekly sessions where we will either mastermind with each to brainstorm and make decisions or we'll have focused coworking sessions to make real progress. 
  • Build supportive relationships with like-hearted women to champion you and your project.
  • Receive individual guidance and support from an experienced coach and mentor.

"I've now launched my new course and just launched my new website. I am also in the process of creating my first video course which I'll be launching within the next month.I found this program very helpful in organizing my thoughts, gaining clarity and encouraging me to take action as I turned my idea into reality. Regena creates a warm, encouraging, accepting environment to explore ideas with other women and receive support from her. There is a lot of flexibility within the program to use a variety of different tools and opportunities, both individually and within the group, to gain clarity and take action as each woman explores bringing her own ideas into form. I really enjoyed the program and highly recommend it."

Shana Johnston 


"Taking true steps to follow something that has been a dream of mine, as well as gaining real-world progress on those steps. This was the push I needed to believe in myself and has done more in 7 weeks than I have ever done alone for this goal. REGENA IS THE BEST - would definitely scream that from the rooftops. She is passionate, bright, knowledgeable, easy to open up to, and such a motivator. Regena's program embodies all of those things about her. If you're thinking "maybe my project isn't right for this," or "I don't need a group or course, I just need to finally do it myself," or anything that is telling you not to do this to help achieve your goals - don't listen to those things, and do it. The support of Regena plus the support and community of the group is so necessary, for all of us, and that is okay."

Stephanie C.
Artist (Singer/ Songwriter)

In the World Mastermind

9 weeks to get your project, art, goal, offer, or course out of your head & into the world.

a circle of support

You’ll create connection and community with a small group of women who are also birthing their vision.


Let’s clear internal roadblocks that cause doubt, fear and stress and design a doable strategy for your path forward.


Brainstorm, receive feedback, or get clarity for any place where you get stuck or need encouragement. 


75 minutes to make significant progress on your project with the energy and accountability of the group.


You’ll get a 25-minute private laser-focused coaching session with Regena to use anytime during the 9 weeks. 


Halfway through, we’ll regroup and assess our progress and what needs improvement. Then create a new plan. 


Leave Regena a voice memo with updates, support requests, and questions and she’ll reply back during office hours (if not sooner). 


At the end of each week, you have the option of filling out an accountability form to assess and plan for the next week. 

I received more confidence in what I am trying to achieve in my life and business. I learned how to work with those gremlins that keep coming up. The journaling really helped me dig deeper and ask or answer questions that sparked a shift in perspective or helped me learn more about myself or even ways to problem solve when obstacles arise due to my limiting beliefs, fear, or self-doubt. This program helps create not only a mindset shift but a soul-shaking experience that leaves you feeling more clear, energized, and inspired to do more. Regena's delivery and teachings in this program are so spot on especially for the fearful woman stepping into entrepreneurship and needs direction in the mind, body, and spirit work that is needed in this arena. She is kind, patient, supportive, intuitive, a spiritual leader, and an awesome cheerleader. She understands the plight and journey of those who are dealing with limiting beliefs. There were so many times I thought she was talking directly to me or that she knew exactly the thoughts I was thinking or the ways that I was feeling. Being in this program made me feel like I am not alone, like I am not the only one dealing with the fear of taking risks and starting something new. Through the workshops, journal writing, masterminds, and more I discovered how much I am truly capable of and how to work through my own fears and self-doubt so that I can persevere and see growth and progress in my business and in my life. Regena has this gentleness about her that calms you but challenges you to be your best and break out of the things holding you back. This program was the next step on my journey as an entrepreneur still working through believing that I can do this. That I could create a program that would help others. She is such a great role model for the woman I want to be as I serve others to be the best version of themselves. 


-JaTorra Commodore
Mindfulness Meditation & Mindset Facilitator


Here's how it works

Each Week

You will stay engaged with your project and receive consistent support with at least one 90-minute virtual Zoom session each week, optional accountability check-in forms, and Voxer office hours with Regena. 

Our 3-hour workshop takes place on a Sunday, October 9th 

Sessions are Tuesdays from 8:00 pm-9:30 pm EDT and some Friday Afternoons from 1:00-2:30 EDT. 

  • BONUS Program Kick-off: September 27th 
  • Week 1: Focused Progress October 4th and Half-Day Workshop*  9th 12-3 pm 
  • Week 2: Masterminding Session October 11 + Focused Progress October 14th
  • Week 3: Focused Progress Session October 18th 
  • Week 4: Masterminding Session October 25th + Focused Progress October 28th
  • Week 5: Progress and Planning Workshop* November 1st
  • Week 6:Focused Progress Session November 8th 
  • Week 7Masterminding Session November 15th + Focused Progress November 18th

    Week off for US Thanksgiving Holiday November 21st-27th 

  • Week 8: Focused Progress Session November 29th + Focused Progress December 2nd
  • Week 9: Celebration + Next Steps* December 6th 

*The sessions will be recorded with replays available.

PLUS- You'll have Voxer office hours with Regena where you can exchange voice memos and the option to submit weekly accountability check-ins. 


Half-Day Workshop

As a community, we’ll spend 3 hours together putting foundational pieces in place in a hands-on and interactive virtual workshop on Zoom. You'll begin by working with your mindset and nervous system to work with the gremlins, doubts, and thoughts that limit or sabotage your momentum and confidence. You’ll identify your perfectionist, procrastination, and resistance behaviors and tendencies that can keep you stuck. Next, we’ll sharpen your vision by getting you deeply connected to the bigger picture and soul of your project. The last part of the workshop will include creating a  strategy for the rest of the mastermind sessions and beyond. Plus, you'll get to connect with our circle of amazing women. 

Mastermind Sessions

You’ll receive 15-20  minutes of focused time on you and your group with the mastermind hive during each session. There are so many ways you could make use of your time. You could talk out a problem and brainstorm new ideas and solutions. You could get clarity on decisions that need to be made. You could use your time to get high-value feedback on any part of your vision. Your mastermind group could help you get unstuck out of a mindset or limiting belief. Masterminding can challenge you to think bigger and stretch your edges. The mastermind sessions are also designed to help you collaborate and connect.

Focused Progress Sessions

These sessions are designated blocks of time for you to dig in and get to work to make real progress on your project. We'll meet at the start of the session on Zoom to choose the most essential action item on your blueprint to give you the most return. You'll be surprised by how much you accomplish with the group's energetic potency of focused attention. As a result, you'll have both accountability and productivity combined. Plus, Regena will be available to support you with laser coaching, answering questions, and giving feedback during these sessions.

Private Coaching Addition

You'll receive a 25-minute private session with Regena for laser coaching.  She can look over what you'd been doing to offer perspective or edits.  She can help organize the little details or widen the bigger picture. Maybe you'd like to give your blueprint some structure, brainstorm resources, or work with your inner Gremlins. 

Would you like more individual support or feedback during the program?

You can add on two additional 50-minute private sessions with Regena for coaching, consulting, or directly working on your vision. She can look over what you'd been doing to offer perspective or edits.  She can help organize the little details or widen the bigger picture. Maybe you'd like to give your blueprint some structure, brainstorm resources, or work with your inner Gremlins. This option is limited to 6 people. Sessions can be used until the end of the year.   

Here’s why it works

When you try to figure it out on your own, you can easily fall into self-doubt. This looks like talking yourself out of what you really want,  finding lots of excuses, not making decisions, or just avoiding it altogether.  It can also take the shape of overcomplicating things! Your mind makes up stories when fear, doubt, and obstacles appear.  But if you have an invested community of people who know what you are up to and believe in you, you can’t stay small.  They can give you the courage and strength you need to step out onto the ledge of what’s possible.  You show up because they show up.  It’s accountability and connection.  Having a mastermind of amazing sisters and a devoted coach and guide behind you is way more fun and way less scary.  We aren’t meant to do it all by ourselves.  In the World Mastermind was created to provide a healthy balance of the feminine and masculine energy to your vision. It supports your creativity, rhythm, and unique flow along with creating structure, strategy, and taking action. We aren't meant to do to it alone. 

I received a loving and supportive structure to help me stay accountable for making my program a reality.  Otherwise, I would have become 'busy' and not focused on making all of the progress I was able to do in the program.  Yes, I made a lot of tangible progress - website updates, flyers, documents, clarity on what I was offering.  However, the biggest shift that I experienced was the connection to the energy of my project and a deeper belief in what I was creating.  I found the passion and enthusiasm for it again, it wasn't just a "thing" that I had to do to grow my business.  It became a real solution with heart and soul to help people release their stress.  Which helped me to release mine! Regena is simply amazing and so very gifted at creating safe space to connect, to grow, and to tap into your deeper self to make shifts happen.  The women that she calls in are heart-centered, inspiring, and truly special!  This program will help you move forward in whatever way is right for you, with support, compassion, and fun!

-Emily Wright, PCC
Coach | 

Ready to Get Started? 

Program includes:

  • Weekly Gatherings
  •  Half-Day Workshop with Regena 
  • Community Portal for sharing and connection building 
  • 3 Mastermind Sessions
  • 8 Focused Progress Work Blocks
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins 
  • 1 Planning and Progress Workshop  
  • 25-minute private coaching session with Regena
  • Weekly Voxer Office Hours with Regena
  • Optional accountability group participation 
  • BONUS * 8-week Access to Soul Sister Alchemy 

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A really awesome bonus

8 week access to Soul Sister Alchemy for extra support and community

You're invited into our Sanctuary.

Soul Sister Alchemy is my ongoing women’s circle and life alchemy membership. It’s a sanctuary for your soul. A brave space of sisterhood, support, and essence leadership. It’s a monthly reminder to pause and reflect and come present to life. We explore monthly themes together in order to deliberately create more joy, abundance, and peace.  We nurture the divine feminine, the vast range of our emotions, and the seasonal cycles. We practice our sisterhood skills as we take a stand for each other. Each month you’ll receive new content in our portal, and at least three live calls per month. Enjoy all access for 8 weeks. 


Meet your guide and facilitator...

I’m Regena Garrepy.

I'm devoted to helping you bring your vision to the world. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2005. Before that, I was a teacher.  I’ve always been supporting the dreams and potential of others.  

Besides being a mom to a college student and wife of over two decades, I work as a guide, coach, ritualist, and mentor.  I transform people-pleasing, perfectionism, and self-doubt into self-leadership. I support women on the journey of reclaiming their essence, accepting all parts of themselves, trusting their intuition, and strengthening their courage and confidence. I guide women to hydrate their souls, live seasonally, make space for play and pleasure, and detox their relationships... especially with their bodies, money, time, and self-care. 

I also help fellow entrepreneurs and coaches build their businesses with integrity and alignment. 

After leading over 60 multi-day transformational events and retreats and hundreds of women’s circles, I know the power of community. I have superpowers in creating supportive and brave spaces for women to connect to each other and themselves.I understand how challenging it can be to move through the doubts of our minds and the busyness of our lives to make something happen. I know the ache of a dream or calling unfulfilled, the frustration and pain of putting your project aside for another week, month, or year. 

We don’t birth our babies alone. And we don't bring our vision into the world alone either. We need each other. 

That's why I created In the World Mastermind. 

Your next steps

In the World Mastermind

1. sign up

Your decision activates the vision. This commitment demonstrates to yourself that your dreams and goals matter.

2. show up

Be there every week, even if you feel unsure, overwhelmed, or stuck. We will guide you to the next action step.

3. surrender

Allow yourself to be guided and supported in this circle of women. You don't have to do this alone.

We think you'll love this mastermind.  

Try our program for 7 days risk-free.

Refunds for the program will be given hassle-free if requested before the half-day workshop and your private session. 

"This program was a perfect reminder of the power of community and the ability of women to lift up and encourage other women. I gave the course what I could and I received a great deal of warmth and support. I found the courage to make a shift toward caring for myself in a deeper and more profound way than I had been expecting to. I also walked away with new connections and more motivation to put my product out into the world when the time is just right for me. Regena creates a space of deep caring and genuine care for each member of the group. Even when, or especially when you feel too busy or rushed to participate, when the group session begins you feel so grounded and connected and just where you belong."

Amy C

"Through In the World Mastermind, I learned that there are people out there who need what I have. I got a better idea of my ideal client and my website structure. Regena is welcoming and supportive. Her diverse experiences attract a diverse and engaged community. I feel people come to Regena when they are on the brink of something and she helps them find the quiet confidence to step into what’s next."

Paula Diaz


"Clarity came within the first few program weeks of building on the success that I've already built, instead of my usual style of reinventing the wheel.  Regena, you have such a caring style of creating a beautiful environment for women to connect, collaborate, nurture and bring the best out in each other.  This group felt soulful and timely for me to not only dare to imagine, but also take consistent action steps toward my transformation coaching and facilitation business progress. I feel super pleased and even proud to have finally gone beyond the perpetual planning stage I’d been stuck in, and into full-on creation!   I’m stoked and appreciative that my "Shine On Sisters" membership  / coaching program is now “in the world,” attracting seven remarkable, 50+ women excitedly committed to a 4-month sister-journey together… and beyond.  This is over-the-moon (surreal) progress and which has since sparked a readiness for the next business offering coming ahead... a signature program!  In the World helped me glean the gold, thank you Regena!"

Carolyn Clark

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