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Not only did I get into my dream Law school but this gap year opportunity is quite literally my wildest dream, and everything I have deeply wanted and worked towards for as long as I can remember.  In the various conversations I was privileged to have with you where you listened to my experiences and offered me love and guidance, I shared with you that I felt lost, alone, and unworthy. The 'coaching' that you gave me (it sounds silly to call it that, because it felt like so much more than just being 'coached'), was hugely impactful and played an important role in my successes. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for everything I've received from you. Thank you for being such a powerful force of love and acceptance in my life!

- Cassie 

Being mentored by Regena was a life-propelling experience. The effects of the program have lasted well beyond the months of intense coaching in which I participated. Almost two years after the initial conference call, I have dropped all vestiges of the fear that held me hostage for so long and can now navigate self-doubt like a child playing hopscotch. It wasn't always that easy. I had many break-through moments that kept me moving forward but it wasn't until 6 months after the program ended that I fully understood what I'd been taught and was able to shake away the last of the threads tying me down. In fact, Regena's coaching tools were so rich, the lessons are likely to continue revealing themselves to me for the next several years as I continue to joyfully grow my brand.

 – Leanne Sedlak, LMT, CVO & Founder of SkinCatering

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