Be the leader of your life.

Brave. Messy. Free.

When a woman becomes devoted to her wisdom,  power, and worth, she becomes a catalyst for healing and change. 

Welcome to your soul's essence.

I'm Regena. I'm your guide.

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Every. Single. Day.

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You are a woman who desires to be part of building a better world through your consciousness and contribution.

I imagine you want to feel connected to the fire in your soul, committed to your well-being and treating yourself with the same level of grace and compassion you give to others. 

You want both your heart and your life overflowing with joy. 

You have a soul ache for meaning beyond the minutia, contribution beyond consumption, and connection that ignites the light in others. 

You are called to be the red-hot leader of your life without guilt, apology or sacrifice... 


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"My experiences in Regena’s programs have led to phenomenal business and personal growth. I have been emboldened to take steps to align my business model more closely to my vision! I am consistently creating a better-quality life with more work/home balance. Belonging to one of her programs has provided soulful connections with women and the genuine love and acceptance feeds my soul in countless ways. I have a place where I belong! Regena will challenge you to find and embrace the essence of who you are truly meant to be."

Rebecca Long, Psy.D
Psychologist and Center Owner

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Calling all seekers, dreamers, healers, and leaders. Calling all recovering perfectionists, people pleasers, and conflict avoiders.

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My annual end-of-the-year Reflection Ritual is now available. It's been my favorite tradition for the past decade. Complete 2022 with peace and wisdom and move into 2023 feeling re-centered and clear on what's next.

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I've helped hundreds of women reclaim their essence, navigate a transition, grow their business, strengthen their courage, and heal relationships.  Let's chat to see if I  can support you.  Our conversation will be connecting and clarifying. 

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