Soul Hydration Vacation 

A 3-day Retreat to Reclaim & Embody Your Essence 

Thursday, November 10th - Saturday, November 12th, 2022 
St. Petersburg Beach, Florida 


I invite you to a retreat full of feminine
magic and alchemy.

The feminine is… play + sisterhood.

It is nature + joy. 

It is having the space + time to hear your inner desires. 

It’s the call of the wildness within. 

The feminine is…nights underneath the stars and the waves of the ocean.

 It is a powerful ceremony where you find clarity and reclaimation. 

It is laughter. Lots of laughter.

 The feminine is…coming together with other women that see you, support you, and infuse your life with the kind of nourishment only a circle can give. 

We are gathering on a beautiful Florida beach for three potent days.

Will you be there?

With the long list of responsibilities that quickly fill our daily life and the heartbreak of the world's chaos, we need a sacred space, a sanctuary to drop into hearing the voice of our soul.


So, where do you go when you need to regroup?

To get the clarity you need to make the big decisions?

To clear the blocks and bring your shadow to the light?

To move past the self-doubt, shake off the perfection, and
release the burdens of stress and worry?


Where do you go when you need to be heard, seen,
celebrated, and supported? remember your essence and your power? belly laugh, dance, and speak unfiltered? refill your cup,  reset your nervous system and take a true break? be held in your next life initiation?

You step into circle.


On my retreats, you'll receive...


Time for you

It's important to unplug and get away from the noise and responsibilities of your everyday so you can hear the nudges of your soul. During our free time you can walk on the beach, hang by the pool, chat with others, journal in the sunshine or take a nap. This is your vacation. 


Connection to amazing women

I have a superpower for calling in badass supportive women and creating a magical and brave space for women to go beyond the surface and connect in real and deep ways. Those who show up are there to give and receive support. There have been many soul sister friendships formed through my retreats and programs. 


Transformational Experience

 This isn't just a relaxing vacation. This is hydration for your soul and an opportunity to return home with clarity, profound wisdom and a shift in how you feel about yourself and your life. 


Joy, Laughter, and Fun

What will we do on this retreat?

"The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”

-Brandon Sanderson


 One of my gifts  is my ability to bring others into my storytelling and use it as a powerful metaphor for the mystery of our lives.

Our work together will center around my telling of an old Grimm Fairytale.  As the story unfolds, we'll explore how the elements and characters of the story represent parts of us and how the themes are showing up outside and within us.

Together we'll find answers to questions, open up to wisdom, and we'll call our power back from the places we've scattered it. 

Through exploring mythology and archetypes, doing ritual and exercises, movement, journaling, and soulful discussion, we’ll journey into liminal space to reclaim parts of ourselves and emerge with a new perspective and connection to our truest selves. 

This retreat will hydrate your soul, ignite your dreams, shift your beliefs and remind you of your innate worth, power and essence.


Warning: Event may contain ridiculous fun, cracked open hearts, dancing, deep connection, emotional clearings, womb hugs, belly laughs, and possible snorting.

We start on Thursday morning.
We end Saturday night.

You can book a single room or share one with a friend at our retreat resort
with direct access to a private beach. 

There is a resort-style pool, lounges, activities, and three restaurants on site with
others within walking distance for meals. 

We have arranged with the resort for to offer you the lowest available rate
and they will waive the resort fee. 

You’ll receive information on how to book upon purchase. 

This retreat includes: 

  • 3 full days of workshops in our private retreat room led by Regena Garrepy
  • Daily sessions and unstructured time for you. 
  • A soulful group of giving women who will surround you in support, wisdom and experience.
  • Access to Regena for coaching, reflection, and support. 
  • Private FB community just for us to get to know each other before the retreat and share our memories after! 
  • 2 Group Calls: 1 call before the retreat to come together, meet each other, and set agreements and 1 call after to integrate what you’ve learned


I’m Regena Garrepy.

I'm devoted to women living a life that is brave, messy and free.

I want you to feel brave in speaking up, stepping out and creating from your soul desire.

I want you to release yourself from perfectionism and be messy, creative and alive.

I want you to be free from old conditioning, patriarchy b.s. and the ways you've given away your power.

I've run this business for over 13 years. I've Ied these retreats for 11. I work as a guide, coach, ritualist, and mentor.  I transform people-pleasing, perfectionism, and self-doubt into self-leadership. I support women on the journey of reclaiming their essence, accepting all parts of themselves, trusting their intuition, and strengthening their courage and confidence. I guide women to hydrate their souls, live seasonally, make space for play and pleasure, and detox their relationships... especially with their bodies, money, time, and self-care. 

I also help fellow entrepreneurs and coaches build their businesses with integrity and alignment. 

After leading over 60 multi-day transformational events and retreats and hundreds of women’s circles, I know the power of community and retreats. I  also know that we weren't meant to do life all alone. 

Besides being a mom to a college student and wife of over two decades, I  also work with spiritual teacher Mike Dooley as his director of training, have a background in education and leadership. 

Frequently Asked Questions