Welcome, Sister

If you are a woman who desires to be part of building a better world through your gifts, consciousness, and presence,

this community is for you. 


I imagine you want to feel connected to the fire in your soul, committed to your well-being and treating yourself with the same level of grace and compassion you give to others.  You want both your heart and your life overflowing with joy. 

You have a soul ache for meaning beyond the minutia, contribution beyond consumption, and connection that ignites the light in others. 

You are called to be the red-hot leader of your life without guilt or apology or sacrifice.


If you’re honest you know you have more of yourself to offer.  You’ve held yourself back and parts of you are still hiding.  You crave space, clarity, and courage to get out of your own way.  You're ready to co-create. 


You’re full of ideas and dreams that either end up on the someday shelf as you struggle with your never-ending list of work and life responsibilities. Or you take on too much scattering your energy and not bringing your visions to fruition. 


You feel overwhelmed with expectations from others or  yourself.   


Perfectionism, people-pleasing, and peacekeeping keep you spinning your wheels. Trying to do it all and hold it all together leaves you feeling depleted, critical, and self-doubting. You beat yourself up for not listening to your intuition or not getting still enough to hear it. Even with a list of successful accomplishments, books you’ve read and workshops you’ve taken,  you still don’t feel good enough. It’s so frustrating to still be working on this. 


Oh sister, I’ve been there. I’ve second-guessed myself, disowned my power, avoided my dreams, and ended up on empty. 


What I have found is that most women are moving through life with dehydrated souls. Working so hard to be a good mom, partner, entrepreneur, leader, friend and get everything right that along the way, they start feeling disconnected. The inner shine dulls and the fun fades. 

For 12 years, my company has been helping women to express and own their unique brilliance, essence, and impact so they can be in soulful energized service to what they love and what matters.


I’ve coached women one-on-one and have led hundreds of group programs, events, circles and transformational retreats all over the world. I take women on a journey back to their essence. 

I’ve helped women transform the most important relationships in their lives including their relationships with time, money, and self-talk. I’ve guided women to boldly step into their badass visions because for the first time, they have radical self-acceptance of their past, present and future.

Women who work with me:

honor their feelings and their bodies


strengthen their voices and boundaries


create more space for their desires


trust their intuition and wisdom.

Here’s the three transformational phases, I walk people through to activate their self-leadership (and badassery)

1. Unlock and Unblock

your gifts, vision, intuition and divine connection.

So that there is no more settling, hiding or indecision. You’ll trust yourself. From your wounds we'll unlock your superpowers. Together we will connect the dots between your passion and purpose to give you clarity around the bigger role and contribution you are here to make. 


2. Embrace and Accept

all parts of yourself. 

So that you stop telling yourself stories that make you suffer. No more comparison and inadequacy. Self-love and self-care move from being just a concept to a lifestyle. You’ll have heart resiliency and emotional agility no matter what life brings to you. 


3. Embody and Express

your true essence. 

So that you radiate confidence and magnetism. You are fully aligned in your integrity, dreams, and actions. You lead from your strengths and your essence. You know exactly who you are to your core of your being.  You walk the earth with unshakable faith in yourself. 


Ready to get started?

I want to teach you a 5-minute ritual that changes everything. Seriously. This is your simple daily action that you can begin right now to shift your level of self-acceptance, courage, and trust. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and your joy.

5-Minute Daily Reset Ritual. 

Download yours now. 

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I know that continuing the patterns of over-giving, over-working, and over-achieving

will leave you burned out and empty.

You’ll persist in the monotony of the daily grind and the fire in your belly will dwindle.  I don’t want that. I want you to float in the flow of life’s magic, trust your wisdom, and ignite your inner fire. I want you to have dance parties in your kitchen, laugh so hard you snort, have space for your passions and to experience the healing miracle of sisterhood. It’s all waiting for you. 

Wanna set up a first date?

We'll see if we are a match. (Chemistry and vibration are important.) AND,  you'll get 45-minutes of focused attention to get clear on your next steps. Together we'll decide if I can support you. 

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"Working with Regena has been an eye-opening experience. I have done personal development work before, but Regena helped me to go even deeper. Her insights are spot-on - how does she do that? I have released things I was holding onto, changed limiting beliefs and I am feeling stronger, happier, and more powerful than I ever have. I am moving forward with more joy and purpose thanks to my work with Regena. She's a wise and caring mentor."

- Kim Foster (trainer, retreat leader, coach) 

"Regena creates a safe place for women to grow and learn and be supported. Her intuitive skills are razor-sharp.  She has taught me to be the leader of my life and my business. Prior to this I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants in both arenas. My faith in women has been restored and I tore down the walls around my heart that I built to protect me from a belief system that was flawed and not serving me. I learned to give up judgment (still working on this one) and how energy-zapping negative self-talk is to me." 

-Julee Hunt (author, speaker, coach)