Consistency doesn’t mean Perfection.

celebrate journaling Apr 03, 2024

Last week, I didn’t send out my weekly email. Technically, I broke my 25-week/6-month consistency streak. It was a rollercoaster week, and I had to focus on priorities.  

Guess what? It's ok. I can restart.  

Because consistency doesn’t mean perfection.  

Missing a day or two of not posting to social media, exercising, meditation, or anything else you are trying to do consistently doesn’t mean you aren’t or can’t be consistent. It means you have another opportunity to evaluate and decide if this habit is something you want to do regularly. 


If it is, go back to doing it. Then, you’re back to taking consistent action. Acknowledge and celebrate making that decision.


Today, I'm back to sending you a Thursday email in a new month. April started off with Mercury in retrograde in Aries and a rare total solar eclipse on Monday. 


Are you going to be in the path of totality? I hear it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. There's a lot of information out there about eclipses, from astrology to astronomy to the energetic, spiritual and symbolic meanings.


Eclipses often bring hidden truths and feelings to the surface and give us an opportunity to heal, express, and receive information. To me, that means it's a great time to connect inward with myself.


Reflective journaling is one of my favorite life tools. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself next Monday or over the weekend. You can also use these questions as an Oracle card spread.


Pick and choose the questions that feel most resonant to you


  1. What in my life is reaching completion or an ending right now? 

  2. What energy, belief, or pattern am I bringing into the eclipse season to be transformed?

  3. What fears, shadows, or disowned parts of myself are ready to be brought to light? How can they be embraced? 

  4. What is the healing I need right now? 

  5. What new beginnings or opportunities for growth do I feel emerging in my life right now? 

  6. What messages or insights is my intuition or soul trying to share with me during the eclipse?




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