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What should you be doing?

In the past month, I’ve woken up a few times with the pressure of a heavy heart in my chest. I’ve been feeling some anxiousness, grief, and unsettling fear. Some of that is from the big events happening in the world, and some of that concerns people I care about and situations happening in my own life. 

It’s not one thing. But they all pile up. 

Thankfully, I have self-care, spiritual practices, and lots of tools. I know about what to do to support myself, ...

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Mid-Year Review

July marks the mid-way point of the year!

As an education major, I trained in how assessment and review are key pieces of the learning process. It’s how we determine progress (or lack thereof), what needs attention, and if objectives are met and on track.

In my own life, I do reviews and reflection rituals. I’ve shared them with clients to do in your personal life, for your work, and especially for your business if you are an entrepreneur. 

The following review process can be...

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I did something hard this month

decision making ritual Feb 25, 2023

This month I did something really hard.  

Much to the surprise of my clients and myself, I closed my Soul Sister Alchemy program. 

I'd been running this monthly sanctuary for four years. I loved the program, the members, and as an entrepreneur-the recurring revenue.  

So why would I close it?   Because everything has a cycle.  

And despite my connection to the work and the women, I intuitively knew its energy was waning, and its season was...

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The Wishy-Washy Gremlin Strikes Again!

Do you know that draining feeling of being stuck because you can’t make a final decision on something? You keep ping-ponging back and forth between two choices or you agonize over the research or the details?  It’s this classic overthinking which leads to limbo. It’s what I call the Wishy-Washy Gremlin.

Recently,   I’ve been wishy-washy over picking two much-needed appliances because I got overwhelmed and worried about making the wrong decision....

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