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I did something hard this month

decision making ritual Feb 25, 2023

This month I did something really hard.  

Much to the surprise of my clients and myself, I closed my Soul Sister Alchemy program. 

I'd been running this monthly sanctuary for four years. I loved the program, the members, and as an entrepreneur-the recurring revenue.  

So why would I close it?   Because everything has a cycle.  

And despite my connection to the work and the women, I intuitively knew its energy was waning, and its season was...

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The Wishy-Washy Gremlin Strikes Again!

Do you know that draining feeling of being stuck because you can’t make a final decision on something? You keep ping-ponging back and forth between two choices or you agonize over the research or the details?  It’s this classic overthinking which leads to limbo. It’s what I call the Wishy-Washy Gremlin.

Recently,   I’ve been wishy-washy over picking two much-needed appliances because I got overwhelmed and worried about making the wrong decision....

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