Learnings and Lean-ins from Lockdown

covid-19 insights wisdom Jul 28, 2020

Originally posted May 2020 

It’s been almost exactly two months since things shifted in the world, and so I continue to ask myself, what is shifting within me? Here are a few things I’ve noticed. 
  • 50 Shades of Gray has made a comeback. Turns out it’s my actual hair color.


  • Telling yourself, you’ll shower after you exercise later can result in days when you don’t shower or exercise. 


  • The “home edition” of my meals is better than take-out. Yes, it takes more time but taste and quality are superior. 


  • Cookies are comfort. Especially homemade. My new favorite is chocolate chip pistachio. 


  • Anxiety is contagious. So is laughter. So is hope. I’m trying to be more selective about what I spread and what I catch. 


  • When the people “closest” to me start annoying the f**k out of me, continuing to be annoyed and finger pointy at their annoyingness makes me feel ornery and victimy. I don’t like me like that. I’ve found that when I’m brave enough to answer, “what is this showing me about myself that I haven’t acknowledged or don’t like?” I become both humbled and softer. 


  • When I envision the best-case scenario and worst-case scenario- I use my imagination and energy to do both. When the outcome is uncertain, I find that spending more thought and focus on the best-case makes for a much better day. 


  • When I am out in public and see people wearing masks, I am reminded of the metaphorical persona masks we wear in public—the way we want people to see or perceive us out of protection and insecurity. I tell myself to look deeper into people’s eyes to connect beyond the mask. 


  • On days when I connect with others in meaningful conversation is when I feel better and more grateful. 



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