Staying on Track When Life Gets Hectic

planning Apr 30, 2024

I am one week away from leading Mike Dooley's Infinite Possibilities Certification Conference and completing the fourth round of the In the World Mastermind. This means time feels compressed, my to-do list feels impossible, I am sitting in front of my computer way too much, and I am holding stress in my body. 

Have you had weeks that felt like that, too?  

So, right now, I have to be very intentional about moving, sleeping, breathing, and eating nourishing, healthy food. Yet ironically, those self-care basics are often the first things that go out the window when we are stressed out, right? We tend to skip the gym, reach for convenience processed foods, and doom scroll. (Or maybe that's just me? 😂)  

Thankfully, after doing this for a while now, I know that some thinking ahead and prep can make a big difference. Yes- hi, it’s me annoyingly talking about planning again…🙋  

Some of my strategies include making a double batch of a meal in the first part of the year and freezing one, as well as planning out an entire month of dinners: two weeks before the conference, the week of the conference, and the re-entry week after the conference when the exhaustion really hits. It sounds crazy- but it takes me about 75 minutes or less to create the plan and write up 4 grocery lists for each week. This saves countless hours ⏳in the long run. Planning easy healthy meals ahead of time is when things get hectic.  

When I feel stretched for time and want to skip my workout, it's so helpful to remember that it’s not all or nothing. Can’t do my regular 40-minute workout? I’ll do 10-20 instead. I’ll go for shorter walks outside, but I’ll get outside. I’ll take mini-computer breaks and stretch or climb the stairs instead of checking social media. If I can't meditate for 30 minutes, I can do deep breathing for 5. These shorter or modified plans support our bodies instead of abandoning them altogether. When you feel yourself saying I don't have time for you or I can't do... ask yourself... what can I do right now to support my wellbeing? 

Sometimes, a really stressful period of life happens when we can’t plan ahead for it. Sometimes a situation happens unexpectedly. Sometimes stress compounds and sneaks up on you. 

You can proactively consider this now and implement some strategies. Look at your calendar and identify some stressful times ahead, or prepare for an unexpected one.  

For example- freeze some meals, make a “stressful week” grocery list or two with simple meals, or save some short workout workouts, stretching moves, meditations, or breathwork videos.  In your phone Notes App or Google Keep - keep a list of resources to pull up when you need them.  

💡 Ideas to get you started: 


** If this is helpful, let me know, and I’ll create a more useful resource when I’m not in conference mode.  Also, hit reply and share your tips!


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