Mid-Year Review

July marks the mid-way point of the year!🎆

As an education major, I trained in how assessment and review are key pieces of the learning process. It’s how we determine progress (or lack thereof), what needs attention, and if objectives are met and on track.

In my own life, I do reviews and reflection rituals. I’ve shared them with clients to do in your personal life, for your work, and especially for your business if you are an entrepreneur. 

The following review process can be adjusted and simplified to your needs. 

📝Mid-Year Review Process 

  1. Review the past 6 months. Get out your planner, calendar, Instagram, or even project management tool (like Asana or Trello) and go through to remind yourself of what has happened since January. As you go through each month, write down: 
  • Your biggest celebrations and wins. 
  • Your highlights and favorite memories.
  • Things you’ve learned
  1. Gather quantitative data for review. ⚖ These are the numbers and analytics we can track.  You could review health, sales, or financial data. Anything qualitative associated with your goals. You might look at how many days you took off, how much you worked out, or how many sales you made. If you are an entrepreneur, you might look at your income for each month, the number of clients or customers, or the growth of your community.
  2. Review the beginning of the 📅 year planfor example, your theme or word of the year,  goals, or plans. If you are one of my clients and did a  foundation sheet in January, pull that out. Reflect on how the first half of the year went for you and if the theme, plans, and goals you set for yourself are still in alignment. Do they need changing, updating, or refining?  If something no longer feels relevant or meaningful, permit yourself to let it go. Use this opportunity to reconnect with what you want for the second half of this year. 
  3. Decide on changes or adjustments. How do you want to do the next six months differently? 
  4. If you didn’t create a theme, plans, or goals for yourself for this year, now’s a great time to do so for the second half. 
  5.  Create some monthly or quarterly goals/plans/ areas of focus🎯 for the second half of the year. 

Send me an email and let me know how it goes! 


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