I made my own planner. Want to see it?

self-care Nov 24, 2021

As many of you know, I have a special knack for planning and organization. This year, I got a jump start on creating my own 2022 planner.  I get a lot of questions about planning and I love helping clients and friends come up with a system that works for them because that’s what it’s all about. 

With Black Friday sales happening and longer shipping times, now is a great time to pick out a planner for next year. There are so many options out there!  

I created a little video ( 6 min)  for you to get a peek into how I set up my planner for 2022. I used Agendio to make my own and I hope it will get your brain thinking on what would work best for you- because finding your own system is key.  

Click here to watch. 

Using a planner has been critical to my self-care and sanity especially with a family and running a business.  While I use a google calendar for my scheduling, I like a place to set up for the week by sorting out my brain and keeping all the loose ends that show up during the week.  Using a planner is part of my Set it Up Sunday ritual. This is where I spend about an hour getting myself planned, prepped and ready for the week. An hour on Sunday saves me hours during the week.  

If you are new to using a planner, know that it took me a few years before I knew exactly what worked for me and what I wanted.  I learned that it really is possible to spend too much time with your planner. A planner should save you time and make things simpler, not give you more things to do. This is why I plan the week and the month on only one page.  

If you know what you want, you can create your own with Agendio. If you decide to buy a planner through the link here - it is a referral link which means I’ll receive a $10 credit toward my 2023 planner. Watch the video on the page (or my video above) to see if it’s right for you.  CLICK HERE to check out  AGENDIO.   

If Agendio isn’t right for you, here are some other planners that I have used or like: 
Erin Condren Planners
Do Less Planner by the Origin Company 
Writual Planner 
Panda Planners 

Got more questions about planners or your own planning system? Email me HERE and let me know! 


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