The Autumn Equinox Still Point

Today is the Autumn Equinox here in the Northern hemisphere. 

Seems strange to imagine that this is a day of equilibrium between the light of day and the darkness of night. Strange to think of the concept of balance when all the imbalances and inequalities of the world are on full display. 

And yet here we are. September 22nd, 2020. 

“Except for the point, the still point, there would be no dance, and there is only the dance”- T.S. Elliot 

Today marks the still point. The still point between summer and fall. The still point before the exhale of our breath and the inward turn of the seasons and our energy. 

I have found it so helpful to pause and honor the transition of the seasons because we too are transitioning. We have internal seasons with rhythms that are designed to support our bodies and our lives.  We cross the threshold between summer and fall which have very different energies. Can you feel the shift in the earth? In you? It’s important to remember that with the beginning of one season, comes the ending of another. Summer is a season of growth. Fall is a season of completion and preparation to turn inward as winter approaches. 

Transitions call upon our need for flexibility and resiliency. I believe that reflection builds both. Time to pause and check-in with our inner lives brings a sense of connection that is stabilizing. It brings awareness to the shifts and eases the transition so we can infuse it with more meaning. 

Autumn Equinox Reflection Journaling 

Carve out a quiet 15-30 minutes for yourself. 

Find a cozy corner, a comfy chair, and grab your favorite notebook or journal.

Light a candle or make a cup of your favorite beverage. 

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. 

Then use these questions to guide your journaling.  Answer one or all. 


  1. How am I feeling right now? ( Go ahead and give voice to your emotions, fear, and hope.) 
  2. What can I celebrate or acknowledge for myself around what I’ve learned, created, grown, done, or enjoyed this summer? 
  3. As you look ahead to the next few months toward the end of the year, what projects, endeavors, explorations do you want to focus on and complete? 
  4. What polarities within you are seeking equilibrium or integration? ( for example: to focus and to be open. To produce and to rest, to lead and to allow, to give support, and to receive support. To listen to other’s perspectives and to trust me)
  5. As we turn toward fall, what am I grieving?
  6. Where do I desire to put more of my energy and attention?
  7. Where do I sense I need to withdraw my energy and attention? 
  8. What would I like to recommit to? 

Is journaling not your thing? Use these questions for meditation, visualization, or grab an oracle or tarot deck and use these questions to create your own reading. 



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