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From “Yeah, but” to “You’ve Got This!”

Over a decade ago, when facilitating my groups with women, we talked a lot about the "Yeah, But" part of ourselves, which added a discrediting disclaimer to any personal acknowledgments or shout-outs. 

For example: 
You: I walked 3 miles yesterday
Yeah, But:  I sat on the couch today. 

You: I held a boundary when talking with my sister.
Yeah, But:  Then, I snapped at my partner this week.  

You: I got new signups for my class!
Yeah, But: it’s only...

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Not Okay with Gray (podcast)

Hey everyone, I was invited to have a conversation with Coach Michael Taylor on his new podcast  Not Okay with Gray which is about empowering men and women to change their mindsets and attitudes about aging so they can make the rest of their lives, the best of their lives.   




We discussed female empowerment, my journey, and some of the work I do.  

Check out my episode or his other episodes you can listen on Apple or Spotify or the video...

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