My Favorite Healing Balm for the Soul.

Stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, and loneliness will show up unexpectedly in our lives. Sometimes they stay overnight. Sometimes they move in for a while.  

When we get into the weeds we can’t always see ourselves clearly. Our wisdom feels less accessible as our feet sink into the quicksand. Sometimes we go into auto-pilot letting the busyness swallow up whole chunks of time leaving us feeling depleted. Sometimes we shrink down and isolate- out of protection, inadequacy, or a feeling of defeat. Sometimes we just feel lonely and disconnected from our essence. 

Our soul needs regular hydration. My favorite healing balm has two ingredients:  

Sisterhood & Reflection. 

★ Sisterhood- We need women who will hold space for us and not look away from our tears, pain, and struggles while also reminding us of our courage, strength, and possibility. 

We also need women that will celebrate our accomplishments and our baby steps of progress without having to dim or downplay our brightness.  We need women we can support and women who can support us.  

★ Reflection- We also need time away from the noise of our lives so we can hear the little nudges of our heart’s desires and our inner guidance more clearly. Reflection helps us expand, figure out what’s not working, or what’s next. 

It’s important to combine both elements. Sisterhood without self-reflection may have you listening to authority outside of yourself. Self-reflection without sisterhood may have you missing things you can’t see or know by yourself.  

You need both.  

I dream of a world where every woman has a circle like this.  



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