My November Practice (and the importance of reclaiming our joy)

I admit that I’m a little sad Halloween is over. 🎃

 👻 September and October are my spooky season, and it’s filled with so many joy-filled activities, events, decor, and food.  

I’m happy to tell you that I made the most of this season with many joy-filled activities and moments crucial for balancing some of the heaviness, uncertainty, and grief I’ve been feeling. 

 This is my reminder to you that even though there is injustice, death, destruction, pain, and suffering happening around the world and in our backyards, we still need to find ways to reclaim our joy. 

To hold the unbearable grief, we must balance it with finding ways to bring in intentional joy. 

 Moments of joy could include laughing with a friend over coffee,  a long walk in the crisp air of fall, being silly with your kid, a bite of sauteed apples and cinnamon,  or dancing to your favorite 80s tune.

 Intentional acts of joy are vital and deeply human.

And while my favorite season is over, I’m actively planning things to look forward to. What moments of joy can I bring to November? What can you do?  I’m hoping to reunite with an IP Trainer friend next week who I’ve never met in person! 

What are you looking forward to in the next two weeks? If you don’t know, it's time to plan something. Get some joy on your schedule.  

In the US, November is seen as the kick-off to the holiday season. I think Halloween should be the start, but not everyone agrees, apparently. This month is often associated with the theme of thankfulness and gratitude. Many people have and benefit greatly from gratitude practices.  

Today, I wanted to share what I do that cultivates both gratitude and joy.  It’s my weekly practice of appreciation in November. 

The definition of appreciation means giving specific recognition and acknowledgment of what is good, valuable, and essential in someone or something.  

There is an emphasis in our culture on pointing out what is wrong, not working, or what needs improvement. As someone who is gifted at refinement and making things better, I need to practice shining a light of appreciation for all my incredible blessings in this privileged life.  This means acknowledging the astonishing value and meaning that other people bring to us.  The reason I like an appreciation practice is that it means taking action where I feel grateful while also improving my relationships and sense of connection.   Gratefulness creates a sense of satisfaction and contentment within ourselves, and appreciation extends it to others.  

Want to give it a go?  Make it simpleRight now, think of a situation and person to whom you are feeling grateful and send them appreciation through a text,  call,  email, social media post, or a social media comment. If you can be specific- do so.  Even if it feels awkward, you’ll benefit from being in the vibration of appreciation, and others will feel it, too. You’ll be making a ripple that matters.  

 Then, repeat it a few more times this month, trying for every week.


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