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My November Practice (and the importance of reclaiming our joy)

I admit that I’m a little sad Halloween is over. 🎃

 👻 September and October are my spooky season, and it’s filled with so many joy-filled activities, events, decor, and food.  

I’m happy to tell you that I made the most of this season with many joy-filled activities and moments crucial for balancing some of the heaviness, uncertainty, and grief I’ve been feeling. 

 This is my reminder to you that even though there is injustice, death,...

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Not Okay with Gray (podcast)

Hey everyone, I was invited to have a conversation with Coach Michael Taylor on his new podcast  Not Okay with Gray which is about empowering men and women to change their mindsets and attitudes about aging so they can make the rest of their lives, the best of their lives.   




We discussed female empowerment, my journey, and some of the work I do.  

Check out my episode or his other episodes you can listen on Apple or Spotify or the video...

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The Good Dishes Might Break

joy the little things Apr 15, 2021

It was a late Sunday afternoon approaching the edge of evening, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was out, and the temperature was a perfect 75 degrees. It was the kind of afternoon that reminds me why I live in Florida. It felt too beautiful to stay inside, so my family hopped on our bikes. 

We took the back roads through one of my favorite streets lined with big oak trees and spectacular houses with a jaw-dropping water view overlooking a gorgeous lake. The water...

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