Take The Shoulds Out Of Spring

self-care spring Apr 24, 2021

You might be hearing the phrase  “spring is in the air”. 

Are you nodding your head yes with anticipation, or looking the other way? 

How about we make both totally ok, shall we?  

You might be a person who is feeling the sense of hope and renewal and initiation that embodies the energy of spring. It might feel extra this year given how the world shut down just as we entered spring in 2020. Metaphorically some of us have been in a year-long winter and are now feeling the new growth and energy of spring. You might even be feeling some spring fever. If so, what do you want to do with that spring energy? Start something new, get out into the sunshine, make plans, detox your body, clean out the closet, explore a new interest or look at things with fresh eyes?  Spring brings a sense of newness, curiosity, and possibility. 

And you might not be ready for spring and I’m here to tell you that you can stay in winter a little longer. Self-care, rest, ease, reflection, and a pull inward might be your personal medicine right now. Just because someone you know is out planting a whole new garden doesn’t mean you should. You and your body know what season you are in even if your mind or the calendar wants to tell you differently. 

Let’s take the Shoulds out of spring!


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