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Ten takeaways from our trip to Paris.

Bonjour 🇫🇷 👋 

Last Thursday, I asked you what you most wanted to hear about regarding my trip to Paris. 

There are many stories and lessons from our trip, but I’ll distill them down to 10 short takeaways. 

  • A croissant 🥐 tastes so much better in Paris. I’m still dreaming about the eclairs. 
  • Getting too comfortable made my world small. Getting uncomfortable is how we find adventure and new things to fall in love with. 
  • You can express your unpleasant emotions...
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My fear of looking stupid.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been afraid 🙈 of looking stupid.  

It started in 3rd grade with the popular math game “Around the World.” Processing math quickly when put on the spot sent me into a panic. I made a huge math error, and the entire class laughed and called me stupid.  It was a day no one would remember in that class except me and my nervous system.  

And while it’s the first time I can remember feeling...

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