My Letter of Longing

I was going to write you a love letter, πŸ’Œ but it became a letter of longing. 

I long for time to slow down. I’m not ready for it to be the halfway point of 2023. 

I long for connection and conversation that feels meaningful + warm, + uplifting, even if the topics are heavy and emotional. 

I long for a break from the bad news of corruption, 🚫hate, dysfunction, and destruction that comes at us from all sides.  I long for a respite from the heartbreak of the comment section. 

I long for more evidence of hope and the big hearts πŸ’•of the people who believe we are all connected. I know the world is full of helpers and healers, and givers. I want more reminders. 

I long for more miracles and magic. The other day one of my dearest friends called me with news of a true gift that occurred in the middle of deep heartache. I want more touches from the divine that can’t be explained.  

I long for more love ♥️ in all areas of my life, including the love and forgiveness I give myself.

I long for laughter. The kind of laughter when you have to bend over to hold your bladder and unexpectedly snort kind of laughter. With giggle fits that feel like uncontrollable effervescent bubbles spilling out of a carbonated drink. I want to laugh more like that. 

I long for back-to-basics simplicity. Easy ways of living, whole foods, less stuff,  more rest, and walking in the sunshine. 

I long for ways to create beauty

I long to see more sunsets and sunrises, hold hands with my beloved, hear the birds chirping, 🐦 and smell the salt air. 

I am full of longing.  

As I look over my letter of longing, it becomes clear what fuels my soul and calls back my essence. Reflection helps me to bring more of my desires to life- and recognize them when they are in front of me. 

This is why I choose to lead community rituals.  Because I long to slow down, be in sacred space, reflect on my longing, and hydrate my soul. I want to do that with others. 

I’m not interested in selling you something. I’m interested in inviting you and your longing into ceremony with me. 

I hope you’ll join me at the next equinox or ritual. 

In the meantime, what are you longing for now? Take a few minutes and write it down, make a list, meditate on it.  Use it to align your life with what makes your soul smile. 


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