You Arenโ€™t Past Your Prime.

Did you see the Oscars this year? I was in NYC, and after seeing Little Shop of Horrors, my family returned to our hotel room and turned on the TV immediately, hoping to catch the end of the Oscars. 

And that's when we watched Michelle Yeoh's historic win for Best Actress. Of course, seeing someone achieve a dream they worked so hard for always makes me emotional, but this was bigger than that. My eyes filled with tears. 

In 95 years of awards given by the Academy, only two women of color have ever won Best Actress, and Michelle Yeoh was the first Asian woman to win. The glass ceiling shattering filled my ears as tears filled my eyes. 

๐Ÿ‘ My favorite part of her speech was when she said, "Ladies, don't let anybody tell you, you are ever past your prime."  

Our society values the feminine for its youth and beauty, not wisdom, experience, and power. So seeing Michelle Yeoh, who has been acting since the 80s, get nominated and win her first Oscar at 60 years young reminds us what is possible for all of us. 

Michelle Yeoh's win wasn't the only inspiring story that night. Brendan Frasier's won Best Actor after years of allegedly being blacklisted in Hollywood for speaking up about his sexual abuse. Ke Huy Quan's won Best Supporting Actor after wondering if his "peak" was as a child actor. (Did you see him hug Harrison Ford, who played Indiana Jones in his first film?) 

It's a reminder not to count ourselves out because of age, tech skills, perceived relevance, or even the fact that we don't have the same energy or physique we once did. They say that with age comes wisdom, but in my coaching, I've seen women lose confidence and shrink back instead of trusting and believing in themselves. Let's change that. 

You are not past your prime. Even if you have daily reminders from a teenager about how uncool you are. Even if your body creaks, aches, and flashes. Even if you experienced success long ago and times are different now. 

You aren't past your prime. That's a cultural lie to keep you on the couch watching Netflix. You have so much to offer the world. And we need your medicine! 

What if the present moment is your prime time to share, do, be, and create? 

Spring is here, and it's the time for initiative and new beginnings. What if you made that idea, project, or vision you've wanted to do a priority this season? What if you made real tangible progress instead of just talking about it? 

What do you want to grow, create or do this spring? Could you write it down? Plan it out. Take baby steps. It's time. It's prime time. 

Want support? I'd love to be on your support team. Check out my In the World Mastermind, or do some 1:1 private coaching with me. 



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