A Personal Story about 2019

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 Many people I know are ready for 2020 to be over. I get it. 

Last year when I sat down to write to you about my annual reflection ritual, it felt really hard. 

I wasn’t sure I could even bring myself to do my own ritual, let alone write something compelling about why you should join me. 

A lot happened in 2019 that felt devastating. I went through some major losses, and a few gut punches personally and professionally.  Suicide,  a fatal drug overdose, cancer, betrayal, and heartbreak. There were funerals,  canceled programs, health issues, a loss of revenue and business, and most significantly, a loss of my sense of hope and vision. I felt as though I had lost my spark.  

I could have declared it a year of heartbreak (or total shit) and then binged Netflix until New Year’s Eve and celebrated that the year was finally f’ing over. I could have moved on without looking back. 



But it wasn’t how I wanted to end 2019 and certainly not how I wanted to start a new decade. 

I know a thing or two about numbing out and wallowing in feeling sorry for myself. So I knew that focusing on the hurt and loss would keep me emotionally stuck and stagnant.

Trying to forget the year would deny me the magic and goodness found in the couch cushions of life. 

So,  I did the reflection ritual.

In years past, I would use the playbook and take myself through the process. I avoided my audio recordings because I’d find myself critiquing them. But last year, I printed the full playbook,  sat down with my candle and coffee (with whip cream), and listened to my own voice, leading me through the process. 

And I cried. Big tears. Because that voice was speaking directly to me, Yea, I know-  It WAS ME. But it felt as though the Regena of the past recorded the ritual specifically for the Regena of the future. That somehow, the reflection ritual was created for the one day in  December of 2019 when I needed to hear them most.  

It was a healing balm for my soul.  (I’m crying again just remembering it.) 

I didn’t want to reflect on 2019 because I didn’t want to think about all the bad stuff that had happened. I didn’t want to be sad and angry anymore. I wanted to move beyond it without facing it. 

But when I trusted the process - magic happened because I remembered that life is magical.  That I was going through a symbolic winter- that involved death and shedding so that I could awaken the difference between my ego's goals vs. the longing of my soul. It was a season that nourished future change. A path was cleared so I could rebuild with strength, clarity, and alignment. 

The stillness (and the grief) had reprioritized my life. The Reflection Ritual helped me rediscover my own spark, process the wisdom of the year,  and reorient myself. 

That’s when I could see and FEEL how much goodness and growth had actually occurred. 

Sometimes when things get stripped away- we discover a new path toward what truly matters- one that leads us back to ourselves. 

One may argue that my own testimonial for the Reflection Ritual is biased.  I get it. But it’s the one that feels truest when so many of us want to be done with 2020.  The reflection ritual gave me a  sense of being reborn after having lost so much, and I know it helped prepare me for the year that was to come. The year that we are ending. And I know that no matter the kind of year you’ve had, the reflection ritual will help. 

2020. I mean, what can I even say about it? 

Truthfully, it isn’t for me to say- it’s for you to uncover. 

There is grief and loss to process. There is magic to discover. There is hope, vision, and connection to reclaim.

Join me in the Reflection Ritual this year. 

Not only will you receive my original audios and a newly designed playbook, but I will also be doing some live training and videos with lots of extra support on how to process 2020. 

There will also be three group zoom calls, including a releasing ritual in December, A visioning call in early January, and a first-quarter check-in call on April 1st. 

All for a $19 BOGO. ( Buy one, Gift one)

Find out about all the details here 



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