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My Yearly Theme and Special Project

aging new year theme Feb 07, 2024

Tomorrow is a new moon in Aquarius, and Saturday is the Lunar New Year! 

What are you releasing, and what new things are you beginning?  

Last week was my🎈birthday. I chose to spend the day in quiet reflection, releasing 2023 and fully stepping into my new year.  I gifted myself the pleasurable experience of getting a massage and facial, and I cooked one of my favorite childhood comfort food dinners. My hubby also brought me some delicious treats. Mostly, though, I...

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My Highlights of 2023

It’s a new year, ya’ll. 2024.  

How many times will I date something 23 out of habit? Not sure, but I already did it today when writing up client notes.  

I hope you had some time to reflect on the highlights, challenges, and learnings of 2023.  

Many of my yearly highlights included travel and people I love. Spring break in NYC, a family reunion that included 21 people in 1 Airbnb, two girlfriend retreats,  Fort Lauderdale with the hubby,...

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A Personal Story about 2019

If you'd rather hear my voice tell you this story instead of reading it, click here.

 Many people I know are ready for 2020 to be over. I get it. 

Last year when I sat down to write to you about my annual reflection ritual, it felt really hard. 

I wasn’t sure I could even bring myself to do my own ritual, let alone write something compelling about why you should join me. 

A lot happened in 2019 that felt devastating. I went through some major losses, and a few...

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