Why I do thought work

Did you know that, on average, each day, you generate 50,000 words in your private thoughts

That's equivalent to a short book or roughly 100 pages.πŸ“•

It's fascinating to think that your brain is constantly writing a book of thoughts (which could become beliefs)  regardless of whether you're aware of it. This is why I work intentionally with my thoughts. Once I realized how much we "speak to ourselves," it prompted an important question. What genre is your thought book? 

πŸ“—Historical Fiction?
πŸ“•A Romantic Comedy?

And what is the tone of your book? 

Is it critical, sarcastic, empowering, or fearful

Go ahead and really think about it. Seriously. 

Here's the thing- you can change the narrative. What if you decided to intentionally craft a love story to yourself? A tale filled with passages of hope, wisdom, and encouragement. Before long, those themes would permeate your heart and soul until the book wasn't just in your head; it became your life.  

This idea gives me hope because it stands to reason that if you talked to yourself differently, you'd begin feeling differently. Imagine if being intentional about how you spoke to yourself could get you feeling more resourced and confident. Then, you'd be making decisions and taking action from a place of knowing YOU had your own back. Not waiting and expecting criticism.  

One inner "character" voice I find particularly helpful is to talk to myself like a loving and supportive parent.  

Recently, when my thoughts were in a cycle of self-blame and negativity, I consciously and with effort switched to my encouraging parent voice.

It reminded me that everything would be okay, that this setback was just a tiny blip in the grand scheme of things. It asked me to reflect on the wisdom I had gained from the experience.

It encouraged me to engage in regenerative activities like going for a walk🚢🏻‍♀️and taking a 🚿shower.

Sometimes I do this by talking out loud to myself and sometimes in my journal if the critic voice is competing. Other times I can do it in my head. 

The next time you notice your mood souring, take a moment to examine the book you're writing πŸ“ within your mind. Is what you are telling yourself helpful or harmful? Remember, you have the power to intentionally shift to a different voice and tone that is nurturing and empowering 

While thought work has its limitations, it undeniably influences our experience of the world. That's precisely why investing effort into managing our thoughts is part of the work I do. Even though I  "know this stuff," I  still need reminders. So together, let's go speak some love and compassion into ourselves and the world today. 


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