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Not Okay with Gray (podcast)

Hey everyone, I was invited to have a conversation with Coach Michael Taylor on his new podcast  Not Okay with Gray which is about empowering men and women to change their mindsets and attitudes about aging so they can make the rest of their lives, the best of their lives.   




We discussed female empowerment, my journey, and some of the work I do.  

Check out my episode or his other episodes you can listen on Apple or Spotify or the video...

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Do you overcomplicate things?

Have you ever made something harder than it needed to be?  

Once, I gathered with some entrepreneur friends. I had my head in my hands, stress in my chest, and dread in my gut over what seemed like an impossible mountain of work I had in front of me.  

They patiently listened to my pity party-esqe whine and then pointed out a few things. What if I simply send an email about problem A, switch around problems B and C, and drop problem D altogether? 

I, of course,...

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