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This happened 20 years ago.

It’s 1.11 today. It’s also the first New Moon portal of the year, where we will be receiving messages, ideas, and intuitive nudges of what to follow and what to release. There is a clearing and purging energy this month, but today is a great day to set intentions, make some commitments, and even take a baby step toward what you want for this year. And if you aren’t sure, now’s a good time to listen and reflect deeply. 

⭐ Before I launch into my personal story, I...

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My Highlights of 2023

It’s a new year, ya’ll. 2024.  

How many times will I date something 23 out of habit? Not sure, but I already did it today when writing up client notes.  

I hope you had some time to reflect on the highlights, challenges, and learnings of 2023.  

Many of my yearly highlights included travel and people I love. Spring break in NYC, a family reunion that included 21 people in 1 Airbnb, two girlfriend retreats,  Fort Lauderdale with the hubby,...

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It’s that time of year again.

Guess what time it is according to the world of Regena? 

New 2024 Planner time. 

Reaction check- did you light up excitedly, or did you vehemently roll your eyes?  

Oh, friend, I totally get and honor both reactions. 

If you don’t want to hear a thing about planning and planners, and especially if you are a Ted Lasso Fan, read no further and watch this video instead. Happy Thursday! 

Finding a planning system that actually worked for me and didn’t cause...

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My November Practice (and the importance of reclaiming our joy)

I admit that I’m a little sad Halloween is over. πŸŽƒ

 πŸ‘» September and October are my spooky season, and it’s filled with so many joy-filled activities, events, decor, and food.  

I’m happy to tell you that I made the most of this season with many joy-filled activities and moments crucial for balancing some of the heaviness, uncertainty, and grief I’ve been feeling. 

 This is my reminder to you that even though there is injustice, death,...

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A mindset tool I’m using to help with change

change mindset reflection Oct 26, 2023

This week, I’m doing annual planning ( big picture)  even though I don’t know all of what I’m doing next year and nitty gritty planning of my Reflection Ritual. I know the energy and laser coaching of Friday's Work on It Workshop will get me fired up and focused to finish.  Are you coming? There is still time to join us here.  

Planning creates structure, and when done well, it also allows us to be flexible because we all know that plans have to be...

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What should you be doing?

In the past month, I’ve woken up a few times with the pressure of a heavy heart in my chest. I’ve been feeling some anxiousness, grief, and unsettling fear. Some of that is from the big events happening in the world, and some of that concerns people I care about and situations happening in my own life. 

It’s not one thing. But they all pile up. 

Thankfully, I have self-care, spiritual practices, and lots of tools. I know about what to do to support myself, ...

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My Five Things List

self-care wellness Oct 12, 2023

I love to discover and share new things. Here is my October My Five Inspired Things List!


The grace that comes to us even when we feel we don't deserve it is healing and humbling. And so is this poem. 

Amazing Grace by ullie-kay 

The reason you are worthy is not
because of anything you have or
have not done. it is because you were
woven together. stitch by stitch.
detail by detail. and because your
body carries a soul that extends
much deeper than your skin. it is
because you...

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Feeling Conflicted?

We can’t be everything to everybody

Ugh, I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to remind myself of this.  

I hate it because part of me really wants to be EVERYTHING.  

But, part of me also wants to sit on the couch, read a book, and eat snacks (especially the Lesser Evil Himalayan Sweetness Organic Popcorn-it’s so good).  

These two parts create an inner conflict I’m very familiar with. 

In the past month, several client...

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Joy and grief Together - Empty Nesting

This email is long. So feel free to skip it and come back next week. 

I wrote most of it in my journal. I decided to share it because you most likely remember this, are experiencing it, will be, or know someone who is. 

Last August, we helped Ethan – our only child – move into his dorm for his first year of college

It's a big milestone moment for any kid, but it felt like one of the most significant in my journey as a mother

On the one hand, it was ...

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Are you All In? I’m not. Here’s why.

Have you heard that expression to go all in?  

I've determined that I'm not all in. 

"All in" is a phrase marketers and coaches will use to motivate. I may have even used it myself in the past. If you go "All in," then you' this, buy this, join this, achieve this...etc. 

But most of the time, I'm just not ALL IN. 

I love my business, but I'm not all in, certainly not "all in" on posting 3x a day on social media and all the other things I should be doing if I...

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